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Guest tinkerbell


I don't want to blow my own trumpet but we have had a really successful art activity and I would like to share it.

Before christmas the whole school decorates the hall and the theme was stars to dangle


My class made stars to go on the windows,using IKEA blinds! I have several spare wooden blind pieces because the blinds were too long at home ...we use them in craft and have made allsorts and parents send them in to me so have a constant supply.


I made a problem solving activity

Roll of tinfoil, how are we going to cover these pieces of blind? lots of working out ..let them get on with it (cheap tin foil)

When a few had ben covered the children made shapes on the floor 4 made square 3 made triangle etc I showed them how to put 2 triangles together to make a star..wow they said

How are we going to make it stick together?...cellotape...get on with it then...

The children made about 10 of thes big stars and we stuck them on the window which looked lovely


The questions that came from this activity ...it really hit all 6 areas of learning

Anyway the stars are down and I am loath to throw them away so I took one apart and a couple of children took the pieces away ,rearranged them and said 'Look Mrs C we have made a snowflake!' we just need some cellotape to stick it all together!

It was a brilliant shape all aysymmetrical.....others were interested then so we have 3 huge snowflakes now!


we have used these IKEA (or any othermake) blind sticks to use behind puppets, and have wrapped wool around them and used then as dancing sticks in our Divali celebrations.


Just wanted to pass on a useful cheap resource idea


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Thanks tinkerbell for the blind slat idea..will be pinching that one.

Isn't it great when a simple idea produces such a good learning experience for the children. Had a similiar experience with shaving foam today..what with all the snow they were creating ski slopes, snowballs, snow peaks, using imagination, developing fine motor skills, writing letters and numbers, singing the snowman song, using winter vocab, and a whole host of other stuff. It was such fun and all area of curriculum covered.

Redbase :o

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