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Thanks for a wonderful site. Really enjoy reading all the info and realizing we're all dealing with the same issues.


Can anybody help with a suggested risk assessment form. I believe ours is not adequate. We've looked at all the possible risks for a walk in our village to see the lambs, obtained uptodate guidance from the HSE but believe we need to set it out differently ie say whether it's a low medium high risk etc.


Hope you can help! Many thanks!


Debbie :o

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Hi -

I've had a query from a member who is in need of a risk assessment form for a particular purpose. I'll post it here for anyone who has experience to comment on: :D


I need to have a user-friendly ‘risk assessment’ form for use in a school-based nursery to support us with ‘physical intervention’ for example some children initially find it difficult to respond to rules and routines and despite gentle reminders, encouragement will not get down from a table or refrain from an unsafe practice – in this instance, for safety reasons, the children aretold what will happen, then after repeated explanations they are physically moved or held until the danger is averted. Parents sign for this to happen where we anticipate a need for such partnership. However we have been advised that a ’risk assessment’ should also be completed, in writing, to safe guard children and staff as a signed letter has no  ‘legal’ status were there to be repercussions.


Because of the children’s ages the school risk assessment forms for outings, toxic substances, etc seem inappropriate.


Any help /advice would be greatly appreciated as this is an important, but necessary area of our nurturing and early years role. The children are from just 3 to 4 but many have developmental delay and some have SEN and are not used to any boundaries to behaviour at home.  In many ways they are operating at a toddler level and babies/toddlers in day care presumably are allowed to be handled  to safeguard them and to re-direct their behaviour, when in the staff’s professional judgement this is deemed necessary. However in a school setting the union fear the practice could lead to suspension!

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Oh dear, what a complicate world we make for ourselves!

I did some physical intervention/ handling trianing by a group called "Team Teach" and although all the trainers were LEA based I think the organisation itself must train them as it is not exclusive to our LEA.

I'm sure there is be a website and I have. if I can find it, a booklet that supported the course so will try and look it out and see if it has anything more useful.


However, the emphasis on this training was that we should not be afraid of handling or physically restraining children if it was deemed to be in their best interests, to keep them safe. But perhaps that supports risk assessment?

We didnt do any extra paperwork as a result though as far as I remember.

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It works ruthie, well done!

and thanks.


We used something similar for detailing risks within our environment and then had a more detailed risk assessment form for activities (unfortunately I dont have access to a blank, either electronic or paper based).


I wonder if some sort of handling policy would suffice for the member, Steve? If you have stated that children will be restrained in situations which are likely to cause harm to themselves or to others and given some example situations, could this be enough?

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Having had Team Teach training means you can legally handle a child. If there is any dispute and you have acted properly then you will have the legal support from Team Teach. Team Teach is only valid for the school in which you were trained and work in. If you move to a different school even in the same LEA then it no longer applies unless you receive the training again.

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Sorry I can't open your attachment, what format is it in? It must be me because susan managed it :o



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