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Ideas Needed Please!


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Please can you help me I need to plan enough activities to cover PSRN for 2 weeks.....the theme is Jack and the Beanstalk....we have not as yet covered addition so any ideas would be useful!


I also need ideas for CD and PD....I'm struggling to think this early in the term lol


Thank you for all your help

Much appreciated :)

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Counting beans (these could also be planted and grown for KUW).


Measuring bean stalks (you could make some and stick them to the walls).

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You could try looking on sparkle box.

For PD changing grandmothers footsteps to Giants footsteps

You could get the children stomping like the giant or climbing like Jack

Ask the children collage pictures for the story

Look at size for PSRN also they could make totals linked to addition like they have 6 leaves how many different ways can we put them on a bean stalk etc

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