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After calming down over the holidays

I have noticed several problems with our local authority ways of working the SFF. It must be clear transparent and fair. They have assumed a ratio of 13:1 at all times which in a private nursery operating 10 hours a day in a flexible manner is impossible.

Nursery schools are allocated an amount of over £8000 every year for their Senco regardless of whether they have SEN children in where PVIs can claim up to £750 per child.

Lastly no element of profit has been built into the formula. As owner I take on in my opinion the role of a headteacher in a nursery school for which they are paid £68000. An amount of just over £5000 has been allocated for a nurserys managers time spent on NEG throughout the year???

The rate will be agreed only once per year. So if you have an EYP who leaves you what is the point of employing another till nearer the time of the next rate change?


I hit another low before the holidays as I thought this would work. Do you think it has been put off as we will have another government by 2011?

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Gosh that's a very high salary for a Nursery HT, it would be considered very high for a Primary School HT with a large school. Perhaps there is some Inner London weighting or special units attached, as maintained settings pay is linked to the number of children on roll, staff, special units, outreach, CC status etc.

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