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Hi everyone


I am about to embark on appraisals for the first time as manager of a setting (since September).


I have found lots of lovely examples on here to help me with the job.


I intend to ask staff to complete a pre appraisal form to which I will attach a job description that I will ask them to note any changes to their role.


On a recent Safer Recruitment course it was suggested that we ask staff annually whether anything had changed that affected their ability to care for children. I think that appraisal time would be a good time to do this.


I seem to remember somebody had an example on here of a form they used to which asked staff questions about their health etc. Could anybody point me in the right direction, please?


Or alternatively should I just adapt the Ofsted Health Declaration form that I had to complete as manager?


I am conscious of bombarding staff with too much information but I am not sure if staff, other than the previous manager, would have filled in a health from before.


I would value your thoughts.

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Hi Deb. We have introduced this declaration in with a similar one on CRB changes and use it at the start of each school year. Having had to recently fill in the Ofsted one I didn't want to do as detailed a form for fear of putting people off, not to mention the printing costs! Hopefully it will be attached here for you to look at.


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I have also been working on an appraisal form. Using at least 3 from this site, including Peggy's, Suzie08's and AN OTHER, I have devised one. Have downloaded it incase it could be of use to anyone else because I was so grateful to all of the above for their generosity in sharing their hardwork. I think like most things, forms are individual to the setting but I find it really helps if you have something to work from so this is to show my appreciation!



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