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Guest jamieloh

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Guest jamieloh

I'm a doing a research project in Singapore on: Observing Children's responses using persona dolls.


I wonder if anyone can help me.


I need some journals and research related to Persona dolls.


Thank You

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Hi Jamie -


Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting! :D Are you working in early years care in Singapore, and if so what are your experiences?


I also wanted to say the forum's a little quiet at the moment, as most practitioners are on holiday. If your need isn't really urgent I'm sure that you'll get a reply eventually. If you need it really soon, let us know.


Welcome again,



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Guest jamieloh

HI Steve,


I'm working as a preschool teacher in Singapore. I am currently doing my Bachelor of Education and I have worked for about a year.


I'm sourcing for articles and journals for my research project which is due around end of September. I need some literature to support my project.



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Hi Jamieloh,

I've recently become interested in using Persona dolls in my setting, and we bought a couple from puppets by post. The first time I brought in "a new, shy friend", two children completely panicked and burst into tears, and I felt I had to show them that they were, in fact, just puppets, and not real little people! The magic had gone :o

However, we do now bring out our little friends occasionally, and the nervous children have become accustomed to them!

A couple of good websites I have come across are:

www.persona-doll-training.org (practitioners sharing their experiences, video and book to purchase about persona dolls)


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A book I've seen but have no experience of:

Combating Discrimination: Persona Dolls in Action

Babette Brown


One we have in our nursery:

Storylines, by Ros Bayley (from www.educationalpublications.com)


A short article about the use of persona dolls



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Hi, Jamieloh


I have only recently been introduced to the idea of persona dolls. However I have used puppets during my teaching practice for the last couple of years. Although i don't know of any educational research that could help you I had the opportunity to meet the owner of the puppets by post website (puppetbypost.com). He was very inspiring and had loads of practical and helpful tips in using puppets in the classroom, he might also know of any specific research that could be of use to you. His e mail address is on the web site along with a contact number, he was really nice so i sould think he would only be too happy to help .


oh and by the way the puppets are fabulous I have two dolls and a black labrador puppy and I think I love them more than the kids.



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