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Winter Sensory Ideas


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Hi everyone,


All Christmasted out!!


I would love to do some really new sensory play ideas with me children. I looked and looked but everything has been done before( more or less)


Does anyone have anything different to inspire me ( and porbably dozens of others?)


It would be great to do something really different in the new year!!




Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas ( we deserve it!!) :o

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I've moved this out of the cookery forum so that hopefully you should get some more replies!


Its difficult to know what to suggest when I don't know what you've tried already - could you post a quick list so that we know? No doubt you'll inspire others with the ideas you already have!



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Hi Sunshine


A list of sensory suggestions would be wonderful... activities involving ice are always fun - children sprinking powder paint on paper then wiping ice over, as ice melts powder becomes liquid. Freezing small items/toys in ice cubes for the children to watch melting. Large blocks of ice - mix salt and paint and the children dribble over ice, this looks beautiful.


How about looking at it from the individual child's perspective....what are their particular interests/schemas, then try to match sensorial activities/resources to each child - I'm sure revisiting past enjoyed sensorial activities would still be appreciated and help to 'cement' the childrens knowledge.


Bring on the snow, I say.....



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