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Hi all

Can have some money to spnd on new software. Supeervisor wants somthing a bit more educational ie literacy, numeracy for the older children. Any recommendations?


Have got Pingu, Reader rabbit, Tilly Toybox, Giggles party, blus clues.


Any advice appreciated.

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we have some called simple city they are great - easy to use but also educational. it starts with a simple map children choose area they wish to visit - zoo, farm, vet etc . in each area there are six smaller areas that include a clip about the job / place and games(sorry cant rmemeber what the other areas are but really good) see if you can google it -we got ours as we attended a computer course - but well worth the money if you had to pay - they do others too - we have one that children can draw / colour with - count objects,investigate instruments etc - have a look sure it will come up if you put Simple city software - if not will look tomorrow and find out where from

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I would agree that the Simple City software is great. I have 'Simple City' and both 'Simple City Maths' 1 and 2. Well worth the money.


Also- Our school has Education City- which is great- especially for the older ones. It is all online- so I suppose if you are not connected to the internet it might be a problem. Education city for in the Foundation Stage is divided into F1- Nursery and F2- Reception. My nursery children mostly play in the F1 side- which is split into CLL- PSRN and KUW- all of which have about 20 games/activities/songs. The children love it! Also great as the more advanced children can start on F2- and there are games which link to 'linking letters and sounds'. Not sure how much it is- but there is a free 21 days trial- so maybe give it a try before you commit.


We also have 'Mouse Skills'- not technically 'educational' as you put it- but it is great for those chidlren who struggle with playing games due to their poor coordination- has loads of games for 'single click' 'double click' 'following a path' etc- and the chidlren also love this. Before term ended a little girl came up to me absolutely excited and said "I finally did it! I finally got that pesky mouse in that hole!" - I had to chuckle.


Hope my rambling has helped!

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