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Help Needed With A Letter To Accompany A Christmas Calender


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Hi all,


I am feeling exhausted, a little teary and could do with some help! I started at my preschool in September, and have made some big changes to the planning and activities, which have on the whole been well received. They were always very 'adult led' activities which really were the adult telling the child where to stick things/how to make things in the past.


We have this week been showing the children how to use the childrens camera and asking them to take a picture of one another to be used when making a calender to take home for Christmas. The pictures are therefore not to adult standard, and some of the staff have expressed concern that the parents will need an explanation of why such a 'poor quality' picture has been used. The children will be sticking their picture down somewhere on card along with a calender print and some glitter etc. We felt that if a small and short letter went out with the calender it would also be a good opportunity to educate parents about children's own work and the EYFS, but I am so exhausted I can't think how to word it articulately enough and to the point enough and wondered if anyone on here could help.


Something about learning to use ICT equipment, photo's taken by friends, children experimenting with glue, and glitter etc etc linked with the EYFS??


I hope someone knows what I am rambling on about and can help


Thanks in advance


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some one posted this a little while ago - sorry can't find it to give them credit!


Through the eyes of a child

When I'm painting at Pre-school or painting at home,

Please, oh please, mum and dad, leave me alone;

In your adult eyes it may look a mess,

But honestly mum, I'm doing my best!


Don't ask ‘what is that?’

Don't say ‘why that space?'

And let me put three or four eyes on a face.


One day when I'm older I'll conform -just like you

Right now I'm enjoying the colours and goo.

I paint ‘cos I want to; it makes me feel good -

That green bit's my garden; that red bit's my blood.


The bit in the corner - the bit that's all runny

Is you...you are the most beautiful mummy

So thanks for the paper, the brushes and paint.

I might make a mess, you know I'm no saint.


Just give me an apron and put down some paper

And I'll paint you lots of creatures fantastic.

And then when I'm finished, let me help clear away

Because every day I am learning.....Through Play!



Hope that helps a little bit - might be able to change some of the words to fit what you have been doing??

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Thank you so much for that, I didn't use it, but it did inspire me to write my own explanation without digging out the EYFS and bombarding parents with quotes from it.


I will attempt to attach the letter I have written. My husband thinks I don't need to include the bit at the end about who the gift is from, what do you think





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I love the bit that says 'It's not our gift to you, but their gift to you' - very nice.


And I think you are very brave - well done! :o

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that sounds lovely :o , i think we can all get carried away from time to time with trying to create our idea of a perfect masterpiece but totally miss the point!! well done for sticking to your guns and doing what you believe in, changing things is so difficult sometimes and it often feels like your on your own, keep going and don't forget why you took on the challenge of making a difference in the first place, try to take any comments as points to note and make a positive out of them, remember you can't please everyone all of the time but you can have a good try!!!!!!!xD

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thank you so much everyone, I emailed it to the chair of the committee and she loves it, so that is a good start!


Is it the school holidays yet?!


Thanks again


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