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I am holding my first stay and play session for parents. I work as a childminder and some feedback I had on my parent evaluation was that they would like more opportunities to meet with each other. I attend a childminders playgroup at our local school in their resource room (the network team have provided lots of resources that we keep there to use) so I have booked this room for a session at the end of January and would welcome any ideas of how to run it.

I was thinking I might bring the rhyme prop box that I use to do rhymes so that parents can see it in action. The ages of the children range from 16mths to 4 (although the 3 and 4 yr old may not attend as will be at preschool/school) so likely to be 16mths - 36mths)

Any ideas ould be gratefully recieved

thank you

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I would definitely go for messy.Especially if this is something all the parents do not provide at home. It can really help them to see the value when they are joining in themselves.


I would go for something very free and easy which allows them to wander around so the different behaviour boundaries aren't highlighted. Nobody is really going to know who is in charge and parents can get quite uptight if their little one won't sit 'nicely' or cooperate when the childminder and other parents are watching. Does that make sense?

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