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We are having a post office roleplay area and could do with a postman themed song to encourage those children who arn't really choosing music making.

Any ideas?



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(Children bob down on ground)

Early in the morning at 8 o clock,

You can hear the postman knock (knock on floor to the beat of this line)

Jump up 'Sarah'/everyone open up the door (all jump up)

1 letter (clap), 2 letters(Clap), 3 letters (clap) 4 (clap)


From 'Playsongs' book





Lots of letters in the postman's sack

He knocks on the door with a rat a tat tat

He posts a letter through Sarah's door

The letter falls down on the floor


(Can do this in circle, postman walks around or add numbers '8 little letters in the postman's sack")


From 'This Little puffin'

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Rat-a-tat-tat, Here comes the postman(woman),

Here comes the postman with his sack,

Puts a letter in the letterbox.

Goes to the next house,



Can't explain the tune though!



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