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Yes I have a ring binder so you can add pages more easily, and dividers for each of the six areas. Then I have individual pages for each aspect within the areas. You'll find that some observations could go in more than one place so you could see which page looks a bit empty and put it there.

Eg "pride in their own achievements" is in the book in PSED under Self confidence and self esteem 22-36m and also under Self care 30-50m.

I put photos in too, and a few of the child's drawings/paintings. I don't put future plans in the scrapbook but I think some childminders do.

I write my observation and the corresponding quote in the book to prove why I've put it in. Don't get too carried away or you will find it takes hours, but it does get easier as you get to know the book. :o

BIG TIP I've just had ofsted and the inspector liked the parents contributions that I added too, such as if the parent tells you a new word that they have heard the child say. Put it in CLL Lang for Communication.

Have fun!

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Guest jane707

I don't separate mine into individual sections... mine are in date order.


I feel this shows better how the child is progressing holistically - through all 6 areas of learning and development equally.


It might help to experiment - do one of each type maybe for a while - and see which suits you best.



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