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Fire Station Topic - People Who Help Us.


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Hi everyone,


We are currently having a new fire station built next to our school so have decided to use this resource to link in with the children's learning. We are thinking about having a fire station topic for next half term, linking to people who help us.


Does anyone have any ideas of activities, resources etc.. that we could use?


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Many thanks



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Try and arrange a visit to a fire station- maybe a different one if yours isn't going to be completed. Great fire of london- chn loved this and it bought up loads of interest about how things were done in the past etc


We have one of these- expensive for a topic but we have as available on and off throughtout the year- need to replace the engine becasue it is so well loved and used!



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We included junk modelling and the children made fire extinguishers and hoses from long pieces of cardboard tubing with crepe and tissue paper "water". A large box and some long lengths of ribbon were turned into a fire engine that the children wore.

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