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Iwb- Bad For Your Health?


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Sorry mousebat I lost this one somewhere along the line, and thought it needed resurrecting.


Thanks for putting in those links for us.

My understanding was that its the projector rather than the whiteboard that may possibly cause or be linked to macular degenertaion and I do think we should proceed with caution, especially those of us who dont have fixed or ceiling mounted projectors. Its actually quite difficult NOT to look at the beam when it is right in front of you, and especially for the children.


I have never had any training in how to use a whiteborad, I was self taught, and Im not aware of H and S issues ever coming up at a staff meeting either. So i do think its somthing we should at least be aware of.


If you havent looked a the reports in mousebats links, then please go and have a peep.

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hi Mundia et al


You're right it is the projector part of the IWB which is causing concerns.


We have two interactive whiteboards in school and the H&S aspects were never mentioned when we were given training last summer.

I myself am not too concerned about using one, although I don't have access to one at the moment. Mind you I did use one the other week when helping in my son's class and the projector did get on my nerves. I'll take my sunglasses with me next time!


I thought it made interesting reading!

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Hi Mundia

I have one in my R class it does worry me because when you are talking to the children you have the beam looking at you all the time. I try and stand to the side but the beam is still hitting you side on. We have had no warnings but I have brought it up with my head. No response yet though.


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