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Am thinking about changing my role play area. We've got a dark den at the moment but my lot don't seem to be doing much mark making/writing, so I'm looking for something which will encourage them to get a bit more motivated. We have in the past had Post Office in the run up to Christmas, but my cohort this year seem very young and I don't think they would feel particularly inspired, so I thought I would go along the lines of Santa's workshop or toyshop. Has anyone got any good ideas? Initial thoughts are for writing their own letters to Santa, catalogues for them to look through, cut out, read. Possibly tying in the construction are for making toys. Lists of toys for them to do tallying.


Really need to get as much reading and writing into these areas as possible.


Have just found a santa's workshop set on Sparklebox. xx

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You could include a naughty and nice list for them to put their names on, as long as no-one will get offended by the n word. Maybe even just put fake names on the naughty list like the big bad wolf, etc You could even just base the list around fictional characters witrh their names and maybe a picture and just leave some space for them to right their own name.


Maybe clipboards with lists of toys that the 'elves' can decide if they are ready to be sent or not,


hmm, i'll have a think i'm sure there is loads more you could do

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