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I am in the position of having to replace the nursery cook.


She has been at the nursery for ever and everything she did was right (although i am not quite sure what she did :o )


Does anyone have any examples of job descriptions / person specifications?


Does the cook need to be qualified?


Any help on this matter will help, i am due to send out application forms tomorrow morning to prospective employees, but need some literature to accompany them.


Many Thanks :D

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Not knowing the situation, could your Nursery Cook who is leaving help by giving you her interpretation of what the job requires? I don't know about qualification but I would think he/she should have Basic Food Hygiene at least.



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Unfortunatley our cook's husband passed away suddenly and she has returned to her home country. xD So after her running the kitchen for quite some time i am still discovering new things each day which need to be dealt with. :o


I am worried about either asking too much or too little from any future cooks.


Personally, i would much prefer the cook to hold a qualification but after no response to adverts in the last month i changed the wording to say 'although a qualification is preferable, enthusiasm for home cooking would be acceptable'.


I can't find anything within the standards stating the cook needs to be qualified - or even that we have to have a cook - but obviously am aware it is good practice for them to hold some recognisable qualification.

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Sorry to hear about your cooks loss and yours xD

Are there any other local settings who have cooks, maybe they could offer a copy of their job descriptions as a starting point. As long as you promise not to offer their cooks higher wages :o



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