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Ahhh - Blank Mind :(


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Dear All,

Firstly, I am always amazed at the amount of support given to members through this forum :)

Secondly, I am hoping for a little of that support if possible - I am currently deciding on my research topic for my BA Hons.

I originally hoped to do something on Baby Massage, as it is a new topic I have come across and it fits in easily with my role. In addition, I have just started a baby massage class at my setting.


The areas of BM I am thinking about are: importance of touch to babies, what parents hope to gain from the classes, and a friend suggested focussing on the communication side of BM - such as eye contact.


Any comments or views would be greatly accepted as I'm at that point where my mind has gone blank and is in danger of closing down!


Thank you in advance.

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Thank You Upsy Daisy,

I must say this is something that has happened during my current classes with the parents,

The brain is beginning to switch on again - :o

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