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Hi sorry I realise that a forum search would probably answer my question but being as I have had to revamp the whole policy file and the operational plan as it is inadequate I have used the PSLA policies as a guide here is a list of what I have...what do you say...enough?


ooops I missed Working in partnership with other agencies from the list -


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Off the top of my head,


Retention of Records

Lone Working

Mobile Phones

Intruder Policy

with Admin of Medicines, does it include First Aid?

Settling in



Shout if you need to have any more info....

Incidentally, we were just doing our annual review of Safeguarding and when I queried a few points and wordings with our Development Officer she said they are issuing a template shortly as all our policies should be the same..... not sure about that, are you? I guess I know what she means.... will have to wait and see when it comes!

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