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We covered this during our topic on toys. We not only looked at pushing and pulling, but at other ways that toys moved, eg electric, batteries, remote control, wind-up, moving air etc.

The children were asked to all bring in a toy that moved in some way and we sorted our toys according to how they moved. We made sure we had toys that were pull-along toys, pull-back cars, pushing toys such as prams, shopping trolley, baby walker, toy vehicles, and any toys with buttons that need to be pushed (eg tape player, computer) or switches. Also toys that are pushed using feet rather than hands, eg balls, bicycles (pedals are pushed), scooters. We brought a bicycle in and looked at how it worked, naming the different parts of the bike and the children did some amazing pencil observation drawings of the bike. Toys that move with moving air are also a form of pushing, so we made windmills that the children could blow to make them move. Also home made sailing boats in the water tray.

We visited the park opposite our school to see which of the toys there needed to be pushed or pulled (swings, roundabout, etc)


Hope this is some help,

Jackie x

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Magnetic attraction and repulsion are also forms of pulling and pushing which the children can explore with brio trains etc

You could try stretching elastic by pulling (I hang bicycle luggage elastics on an A frame and put a bucket on the free end to fill with heavy objects or sand) - could use tights instead.

How about hanging some curled gift ribbon for the children to pull - acts like a spring but nice and safe as well as fun.

Blowing and lifting ping pong balls using straws?


Any good? :o

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I took digital photos during an outside activity session using bikes, scooters, cars, balls, stilts, frisbees and skipping ropes. When they were printed, we talked about the pushes and pulls involved and then wrote captions for a display.

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