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I after a really specific piece of furniture and I'm hoping you guys will be able to help!!


We want to purchase a:-


wooden unit

with 9,12, or more plastic trays

with lids

that sit in the unit at an angle.


Any suggestions?


Thanks very much !


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We got ours from a Wilkinsons I think and I've also seen them in high street stationary shops and places like The Works, but its one of those "buy it when you see it" items.

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Hello all, its been a while since i have made a post!!


So...i have brought some from both IKEA and recently Sainsburys!! - i know!!! £25 and free delivery!!




they have a number of different sizes and colours, and very good for toys, I have just ordered 3 more for the preschool and Toddler 1's room.


Hope this helps


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