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Sorry, me again!


I've got some forms to fill out to apply for a capital grant to develop the outdoor area. The idea we've had is to get a sheltered area, probably one of those sail structures. I had a couple of questions on this. Firstly, can anyone recommend a good company for this to get quotes from, I'm not getting much joy when I google it.


Also, the hall we use is a listed building, does anyone know anything about planning regs? Do you think a sail would be classed as a temporary structure? Maybe then we might get around the listing. Apparently anything that needs planning consent is unlikely to get a grant because of the timescales. I'll speak to the council on Monday about that but just wanted to see if anyone on here knows.



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Hello Suzie,


I have searched in the past for sun shades and sail shades on ebay and a few companies make them but at set sizes, although I would not be able to vouch for them. However, my mothers partner is a sail maker (very good as he made the sails for Pete Goss's boat) and he wants to get into the market of making shades (he recently made a cover for a smokers area at a few pubs.) If you do want a quote he is amazing and I can give you his website address. Not available for a quote for 2 weeks as him and my mum are swanning around America as we speak!


Also, how did you get the forms for the grant- I have literally spent about 2 hours earlier today looking for how to access the grant, and my next stop was ringing up my council and/or posting on here!



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This is the site for Coolaroo who make shade sails




They are intended to provide sun protection rather than rain although the one in my garden does keep a reasonable amount of rain off the children too. You can't leave them up all the time though. They cannot withstand high winds but they are easy to put up and down once installed.

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Last year we started out looking for shape for the outside area. A sail tpye canopy was an idea. In the end we went for canopy from


Canopies uk.


It is a purpose built canopy fixed by steel posts near the building. but not attached to the building in any way. It is a cantalever type design so it has no posts on the outside edge, so nothing for children to run in to.


We were awarded £5000 from a capital grant to start us off and then we applied for other grants from Local Authority etc.


We are in a village hall and so it benifits lots of other hall users.


We did need planning permission.


I spent along time applying for grants, filling in forms and discussing plans, but now it is done it is brilliant.


This is a subject close to my heart so if I can help in any way let me know.


I fully recommend Canopies UK.


I can send you some photographs if you like





Just ready the other post and of course this is great for the rain and gives sun protection as well

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