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Dcsf Comment On Use Of Phones And Cameras


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This was brought to my attention at work today - I've cut and pasted the content of the letter.





I am writing to you in light of a number of queries about the use of mobile phones and cameras in childcare settings that the Department has received recently. These concerns were in relation to the risk of staff becoming distracted from their work with children when using their mobile phones and the inappropriate use of mobile phone cameras. This note highlights our advice on good practice in this area and that we expect Early Years settings and Children’s Centres to apply common sense.

We need to ensure that childcare providers continue to feel supported to use and make the most of the benefits of modern technology to support children’s learning and development, whilst ensuring that children are kept safe. The Department's expectation is that, in general, mobile phones should not be used when staff are working with children, and that in developing their safeguarding policies and procedures, managers should set out clearly how mobile phones and other potential distractions should be handled in their settings.

On cameras, we know that one of the key ways that practitioners support children's development and engage parents in children's learning is through photographs that record their activities and achievements. We would expect managers to continue using cameras in this way and would encourage them to check with parents that they consent to the use of cameras for appropriate recording purposes.

I would be grateful if you could work with providers in your local area to draw this aspect of safeguarding to their attention.


Claudine Menashe-Jones


Deputy Director

Early Years, Extended schools and Special Needs Group (EYES)

Quality and Standards Division

Department for Children, Schools and Families




Thought it may be of interest.



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Yes thanks from me to Catma it is always good to hear what they powers that be think.......at my setting we have absolutely NO SIGNAL for phones and so I have never seen anyone get a mobile out of their bags until they leave..I am unsure about a policy because of this but maybe I should have one just in case...wonder what Ofsted would think?

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In schools we only get our phones out when we are on a break so it would make sense that it is the same in all settings.


The only time I did keep my phone glued to me was when I was waiting to hear if the offer I made on my flat had been accepted! I answered it in front of parents at a story time afternoon but when I explained what it was for they were just very excited for me!!!


Basically I think there does have to be exceptions, but in general staff do not need to use their phone while working

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Hi everyone,

The only time I have my phone on is when I am on my break and also being the supervisor I have to take my phone with me when we take the children out for a walk in case we have reason to phone the setting in case of emergency. I see no other reason for anyone to have their phones switched on during the course of the working day, but there may be a point in case of staff having school age children and the school may try to get hold of them in case of illness, in my setting I know my colleagues have missed out on a phone call from their childs school because management havent answered the office phone or passed on a message to the appropriate staff member!

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