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hi i was wondering if anyone can help i really need it!!! :o


i have recently been given a role which involves me supporting all the staff in ensuring that the EYFS and all its aspects are met, i have the job of bringing the baby room up to speed as it has fallen below standard but have only worked with the pre-school age group for the last 5 yrs'


i am finding it difficult to plan a continuous provision for this age, so i have implemented a planning sheet that covers the six areas of learning rather that 'zoned areas' like mark making etc


Is this right ?

what do you do ?


i will be VERY gratful for any suggestions and advise


Thankyou xD

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Hi foxy406 and welcome to the forum.


I don't think there is a right way to do it. You just need to find a format which works for you. Let's face it babies are just a bout the best example of children learning holistically. You can't separate what they do into different sorts of learning because they are learning so much so quickly.


I am a childminder so my point of view is likely to be different from people in large group settings but I my humble opinion it is more important to plan to offer as many different experiences as possible with lots of hands on exploration. Make it as sensory as possible and help them to develop into confident, curious learners. Limit the boxes of plastic toys and try to bring the real world to them.


I would use Development Matters as a checklist to make sure you are offering an enabling environment and make sure the staff are supporting the children rather than leading them.


If there are particular areas in which you feel the room has 'fallen behind' then post these and I'm sure ideas of how you can make things better will be forthcoming.


Good luck

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