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Hello All,


I seem to be on a roll today with posts!!


Can anyone give me some ideas for toilet training; In all of my childcare work i have always managed to escape this age group, so advise is not something i can give other than sticker charts!!


My Toddler 2's Room Leader has had a tough day, as she has had a new little girl start toliet training, and has had 11 accidents today!!


Any ideas....

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Well the first thing I would be asking is whether this child is ready for toilet training. Is this something which is coming from parents or practitioners? It does not sound as if she has anywhere near the control she needs to begin training and you could be setting her up to fail and feel very negative about the whole process.


In general I would say the key is to remind the children often enough that they don't have accidents and make it very fun and relaxed. Allow children to bring their own potties in if they feel more comfortable and of course always treat accidents as a little hiccup which we can clear up in no time.


Good luck

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