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Grant Application For New Building

Guest colechin

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Guest colechin

Hi everyone, I'm about to send my application form off with a Power Point for our application for a new building.


The committee have asked that the staff think about a 'Strap Line' about 'How important the project is....' which will be put on the first page with an artist impression of the new building. I keep coming up with long winded strap lines. Do any of you fancy putting down your ideas?


Also could you read the following, I have to use bullet points and don't have much space (A4 sheet). Any comments very, very welcome.


Business Plan. What impact would the new facility have on….


The children and parents will benefit from:

Better security systems

Promote independence

Disperse noise level for sensitive children

Allow for a greater variety of resources, equipment and educational visitors

Provide permanent dedicated zones

Promote healthy eating via fully equipped kitchen

Provide access to a plumbed in water cooler


The Nursery staff will benefit from:

Better working conditions due to more space, less noise, more natural light

Ability to maintain and retain documentation in a dedicated office

Ability to hold confidential meetings

Less travelling time by provision of in-house training

An increased level of external support


The wider community will benefit from:

More nursery places feeding through to and securing the future of the primary school

A facility to hold cluster meetings, training events, children’s parties, etc

Easier transition from local toddler groups

Additional and/or longer sessions due to availability of a fully equipped kitchen and quiet area

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