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Help Needed! :o


I am thinking about using superheroes as the theme for my research project but I am not sure which direction to take so any suggestions would be helpful. I have though about why boys are more engaged as superheroes and also if 'fighting' play is beneficial - does any one have any other ideas.


Thank you



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I did alot of research on superhero/fantasy play in boys for a course that I did.

I looked at:

Parents and staff attitudes towards superhero play and the differences in male carers and female carers attitudes

Whether boys would be more engaged in writing during this type of play

The current provision for fantasy play in nursery - whether it is valued?

The benefits to boys development

whether this type of play had any disadvantages for others within the group.


Opened my eyes for sure!! especially the parents attitudes bit. generally i found mums classed the play as violent/aggressive and didn't value it, whereas dads encouraged it and it was one of the main types of play that dads would generally join in with

Personally I found that as a mainly female workforce, the nursery valued girls fantasy play - princesses, fairies etc. and provided for, much more than boys - now rectified of course!


Fantastic book - we don't play with guns here

and the excellence of play

(cant remember the authors)

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We dont play with guns here is by Penny Holland

and the Excellence of Play by Janet Moyles.


Hello KJH. Its quite a broad area you are considering so I would say its worth having a look at the Penny Holland materials before then deciding which path you want to go down with your research.

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