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Hi all,

I'm having a bit of a moment. I work with a fabulous team of mature experienced staff who have all worked hard over the years to acheive their DPP level 3. We accomodate students from our local regional college and have just had a 16 year old start with us; no previous experience, didn't do childcare at school or at least didn't get graded on it; has 5 gcse results, an A for catering C for english the others ds and Es. i'm curious as to how this person was accepted on a level 3 course without doing her level 2.

I'm sure she's very willing and able to learn, but I find it worrying that 2 years down the line she will have the same qualification as all of my colleagues.

My other concern is that the Level 3 is becoming devalued.


am I being unreasonable?


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I don't think you are being unreasonable...


a few years ago both myself and a colleague applied for funding for a DPP. We were both similar in experience and qualifications, I was 36 with 2 kids and she was 19 without children. I got funding and she didn't....


Didn't seem fair at the time, and I was embarrassed because she didn't get funded... however, when you think what you can do with a level 3, it is a bit worrying.


Experience counts for everything! but having your own children doesn't prepare you to look after someone elses...

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