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Ok I know I've read a thread about this topic before but I don't seem to be able to find it !


My Supervisor has just had a phone call from Ofsted to say they are coming to give her a suitable persons interview. She has now gone into a major panic as she is relatively new to her position and has never been in a Supervisors role before.


Does anyone have any experience in having an interview and what sort of questions they will ask ?


I just want to support her and boost her confidence. She knows what shes doing, its just a confidence thing. I want to be able to turn round and say to her "There you go you do know it ! ".


Many thanks



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They really are fine!! They basically ask you about how you meet the Standards with in your setting. If you dont know the answer or dont answer the question fully, the inspector helps you! After I had had mine, I asked the inspector if anyone had ever failed an interview and she said NO!!! Your supervisor will be fine!! She knows all the answers.....she just doesnt realise it yet!! xx

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I had one a couple of weeks ago, I was worried but there honestly wasn't anything to be worried about!


questions that I can remember were:

knowing your ratios

safeguarding - how do you make sure invetted people are not left alone - what are the procedures of safeguarding

How do you support staff

what do you consider to be a significant incident to report to Ofsted

Understanding of EYFS

Complaints procedure

Equal Opps procedures

Sen procedures

employment procedures


It only took about 1 hour and she was typing my answers at the same time so we weren't going particulary fast.

I'm positive your supervisor will be fine, wish her good luck!

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