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Minimising Paperwork - Is It Possible!?

Guest candidoodi

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Guest candidoodi

Hi everyone. I would like your opinions please!


I have have been playleader for a few weeks now and want to minimise the plans that have been used.


On the EYFS cd they have a weekly plan grid with the six areas down the left and development matters, activity, adult role and resources along the top. Is this instead of writing a separate Focused activity which is what I have been doing? What do I do when staff want to plan an activity if the weeks plans are on one sheet? Is the information enough ( im happy but is Ofsted!? although on EYFS Cd). Development matters is the objective - so important and the activity - what your doing. Evaluation on back. Is this sufficient.


I am also doing a rolling programme for the table tops, carpet area, creative, investigation so staff know what to put out. I have done this by the room areas ie carpet, role play, investigation (water/sand/other) Is that enough?

Unlike teaching there is no set proforma for planning like on teaching practice! Which is good as can adapt to suit your setting but do worry im not doing enough!


I have rambled and it probably does not make sense! oh dear. Hope someone can help!


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We are a pack away setting so we also have a rolling programme of resources eg for floor play we have - cars and garages, zoo, farm, fisherprice, happy street, little tikes peak. We do have some continuous provision but big things like garages, castles etc are kept in the store room that the children can't access.


At the beginning of the half term I loosely outline what we'll have out in each area. Then according to what the children's interests are these will change as appropriate.


I have attached an example of my weekly planning sheet. I have an identical type sheet for outside. I put in specific objectives to give staff a focus when they are in that area, but these are not set in stone. Other continuous provision planning is available in teh planning file for them to access if necessary.


In addition I will have 4 or 5 focussed activity plans. These outline the starting point for the activity and then follow the usual format. Specific children are targetted for observation and there are group observation sheets to go with these. Although I do stress to staff that it is not set in stone, If someone does something amazing they should make a note of that too!


At the beginning of each weeks planning is a sheet that says: Last week we observed that ....... ; this week we will ..... ; evaluation/next steps.


There are also simple planning sheets for staff to do any keyperson planning.



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