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One of my childrens fish died recently and since then she has been obssessed with death and has been telling her friends that they are going to died and their mum is going to die. Her mum has approached me about how to deal with this, she has tried talking about it and has tried reading the story Goodbye Mog. As a new person to the preschool age group I'm at a loss at how to deal with this. PLEASE CAN I HAVE SOME ADVICE!!! HELP!!!

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I think as far as this child is concerned there isn't really anything to deal with unless she is distressed about it. Children of this age treat death as just another aspect of the world that they are learning about. We adults are the ones with issues about it.


If she is getting answers to her questions without being made to feel uncomfortable then you and her mum are doing the right thing. She will move on when she had 'got her head round' the whole concept for the time being.


Goodbye Mog is a good book and one which I use on occasion. Maybe other users could suggest more books you could share during this time?


Are you concerned about her, about the other children or about the reactions of their parents?

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I would agree with that.


My daughter has just been through this phase - she wanted to know over and over all the different ways that someone could die. It seems to have come from a couple of close family members having been in hospital (although thankfully they are now fine). We just dealt with it in a completely non sensational way, answering any questions she had and saying where we weren't sure.


She has quickly moved on from this - I think it's probably more of an issue to adults than to children.

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p.s. let's face it she is right, we are all going to die at some point and we don't do children any favours by saying they're not!

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This is a subject that comes up quite often from the death of a pet to some experiences for children that are very sad.


At the top of the page to the right you will see a tab marked 'Search forum posts'


Start by searching death and you will find several previous posts of interest and then search bereavement and again there are several there you might find helpful.


Hope this is helps and as already said, it will pass and this little one will have something more interesting to talk about next week!



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