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I hope September is going well for you all! I'm trying to analyise my data from my FSP results from last years cohort and have come up with some thoughts. I was interested in how others analyise their data? THank you for your thoughts

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Hello there Istickney.

There are a number of ways in which you may analyze your data eg by looking at boys/girls; age of children; ethnicity; whether or not they had pre schools experience .. the list is endless really.


You may also like to look at general patterns across your group as a whole eg large numbers not achieving a particular point and then you would need to consider why that is the case and what you can do about that next year.


I would also look at who your children are who appear to be underachieving and if there are patterns there.

You may want to make comparisons with nearby schools if you have access to that data, and also to compare with previous years to see trends.


So there is plenty that you can do. Does any of that fit with the thoughts you were having?

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