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Hi I'm a Reception Teacher and have just taken over the FS Co-ordinator role.


I am trying to find out some guidance on what qualifications are needed to lead a School ran Nursery.


From the EYFS I can see that a Teacher or a practitioner with the Early Years Professional Status must be present in the Nursery - however in our part of the country it is common for Higher level TA's to lead Nurseries in schools, even after the introduction of the EYFS.


Does anyone know if this is acceptable or not and if so do Schools receive funding for staff to achieve the EYPS???


I seem to be getting lots of mixed messages about this topic e.g. funding is currently in place for private/voluntary sector to do the EYPS and that Higher level TA's in school are ok to lead a Nursery until funding is in place for their training providing a teacher is present in the FS stage (which would be me). This seems very vague to me but is coming from the LA????


Would really appreciate if member from other areas around the country could get back to me with how their school Nurseries are managing this??


Many Thanks

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Hi Stbedes, not really going to be much use to you as I am not sure what the guidelines are. My friend who is an NNEB still manages the school nursery she works in but now has a teacher present who does all the planning etc. mrsW.x

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The local authority maintained nurseries in Worcestershire all HAVE TO HAVE a teacher and a NNEB/ level 3 person.


Though to be honest that has always been the way!!


Our private nurseries will need to have a EYPS/ someone with a degree by 2015 for them to carry on receiving nursery education funding.


I think the EYFS guidelines state this quite clearly but I suppose different authorities may interpret it differently.

I actually thought it was a regulation though!!!

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I'll find chapter and verse for you but in a maintained nursery a teacher ( Level 6) has to be present in the Nursery, other than when the teacher is on PPA time or something similar which takes him/her temporarily away. This has always been the case although I do know that a few schools have not done this in the past.

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Thanks everyone for your help,


That's exactly what we thought and am glad to have it confirmed.


Definitely receiving mixed messages from outside parties however so will report back what everyone is saying.





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