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Assembly On 'who Am I'


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I've just found out is my reception class's assembly on Friday! It's got to based on the theme of 'understanding who am i'. I've been thinking it through and talking with other staff members. These are the collective ideas so far:


Start with a door and a gatekeeper. Children arrive saying 'knock,knock' audience and gate keeper respond 'whose there'. In groups of countries the children say who they are and which country they come from e.g I am John I come from portugal'. I thought they could be in the colours of their counties flag, holding their flag aswell?. Then they get welcomed through the gate (of the world???)


At the end we need to sing a song thought about:

stand by me - because if we all stand together the world would be a better place

or what a wonderful world

or One love

Any other ideas especially more child feiendly ones?


These are only ideas and I'd appreciate anyones thoughts about how to make it better (ideas are coming a bit slowly)


Thanks a lot

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As these children are new in school I think you could go with who they are in terms of their names and introducing themselves. They could each have card with their name on it, and they could make these themselves. They could also say what makes them who they are, such as what they like or dislike, or positive behaviour for example 'I am kind' or 'I can share'. Each child could say their name and one statement about themselves. You could prepare this in a circle time and it would be very simple to do. I think talking about other countries and using flags might be a difficult concept unless that is who they are. Perhaps they could pick a favourite song or rhyme for them all to perform, one which they have learnt since they started school, and then you could finish with a song the whole school already knows which fits into your theme.

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perhaps the children could introtuce the child next to them if they are in a semi-circle so everyone can see them , this is good for the children to learn too.

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