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Hello all,



I need to do a powerpoint presentation and have chosen the camera to be my unlimited resource.


Does anyone have any suggestions to offer as to how they are used in their setting.


Do the children use them?


Does it cover all areas of learning?


Can it be used by all abilities etc?


hope this makes sense




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We have a digital camera, it was quite expensive so the children do not use it but they like to see themselves on the screen. I print the photographs off so they see them the next day. I record events such as trips, visitors, displays and childrens achievements. I make photo collages of these activities for display and parents are able to buy copies, this covers the cost of the photos - paper and ink and all the nursery printing cost for letters and equipment and resources I make. I also email our activities to the local paper and they have included a lot more of our avtivities since we have started to do this.

We have more than covered the cost of the camera and I am looking into getting a simple one the children can use.

I think it is important to have the camera ready to use at all times - this is why we bought one with it's own cradle and we leave it plugged in at all times. :)

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I have my own digital camera - used more in school than at home!

Its invaluable and used daily

- daily observations for chn.s records

- evidence for records

- activities - to use in displays/photo album

- treasure hunt - objects are hidden inside or outside - photos are taken at pecutliar angles and chn. have to work out where they are

- chn. take photos of own work with adult supervision - models etc. visitors to school - next week we're taking a walk to look for 'numbers around us'

- photos to show a sequence of events to make class books e.g. cooking activities

- photos also used in Clicker4 - we then make our own digital books that the chn. can add their own speech to


We are soon to have a cheaper camera that chn. can use on their own, and the school is also having a digital vidieo camera which will be amazing!

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There's lots of information (and justification!) about using digital cameras on the CD ROM Learning and Teaching using ICT published by The Primary National Strategy (as well as lots of other ideas/information). If you haven't got a copy of this you can order it from the DfES, alternatively if you need information quickly I could e-mail you a copy of the stuff about cameras.

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We find that the photos enable children to reflect on their achievements and supports their learning in many areas. I have witnessed great use of language when children look at the photos, recalling past events, activities etc. I have seen the children counting the pics, sorting them, comparing them. Comments on how they have grown. " I was only little then but I am 4 now!" The list is endless really!!! :D


I also think the photos are evidence of 'learning in progress' and can be a valuable tool in assessing children's development/progress and in planning for their future learning.


Photos are always popular with parents and play a part in continuing to

promote positive relationship between pre school/ parents/carers.


Don't know if this is of any use! :o

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:D I use the digital camera in class a great deal as a teaching tool, recording I also encourage the children to use it whenever it is appropriate. Very often this is taking a photo of each other in order to manipulate during another session with an art package.

check out this link for some wonderful early years ideas from hitchems primary school - its fab and i keep meaning to contact them to say so.



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Hi there,

We found some 'pen' digital cameras in Wilkinson's, about £10.00 each, so bought two for the children's use. They love them and some have learnt how to download onto the computers. (They often put me right when I get it wrong! :o ). My colleague also has a digital camera which takes videos. We have stored these on the computer and the children really enjoy viewing them. They like to show their parents, too and it provides stacks of evidence!! e.g., one sequence of some of the children using the karaoke machine also demonstrates children's concentration levels in that another group of children not involved in the activity but visible in the background are clearly totally absorbed in their activity and not at all distracted by this activity. A happy accident, there!!


Sue :D

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Thankyou everyone for your ideas.


I wished I had asked earlier but I have given the presentation and I THINK it went well(soon tell when I get my results)

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