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Thanks carol will look at those Suer we have a display policy so that staff students ets know how displays should be done e.g childs eye level, how words are set out eg capital letters

Hi Belle,

I too wondered why you would need a policy for displays...but realise now that you were perhaps talking about a procedure. We don't have a written policy for displays at our full daycare nursery...but agree that our aim is to value the children's contributions...the displays are theirs and they create them. We wanted to avoid creating displays where adults choose the content, design and layout.


In a refurb last year we took the opportunity to lower all notice boards to low level. Our children have boards where they can simply go and post their own work and we have others where adults and children (indidvidual, small and whole group) create the content etc together.


To the untrained eye, our display boards may not be as beautifully pretty as those created by adults but they mean a huge amount to our children and their families in raised self esteem, confidence and starting points for discussion between practitioners, children and families. Ask our pre-school children about the content of displays and they'll tell you what each picture is and why they chose its position etc. Because they create them, they take ownership of the display, can assess individually what they thought they did well and what they might want to do next (opportunity to take ownership of own learning).


I realise that all settings are different and we adopt, adapt and develop practices to fit in with our settings chosen philosophy/ethos...please dont think Im saying Im right and youre wrong, I would never presume in that way...just wanted to share another view. :o

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Our policy includes not using commercial characters - apparently when the nursery first opened, people would trace comic/tv figures and use them for children to paint/stick on and display, rather than children's own ideas and products. Hmm.


I didn't work there then.

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