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My 11 yr old is at the moment agonising over the Tower of Hanoi!! Thanks to susan for the idea :D

The dfes do a math activity book which is pretty good.

How about wraping some parcels and getting them to guess from the shape what could be inside. Ask them if it could be a ball, if not why? A shape trail around the setting with them having to find particular shapes? Draw different types of triangles and ask what they are, especially an equalaterial upside down. Use sihloettes (sp?!) of shapes, make shapes with straws, lolly sticks. We've got a hammer and shape set which is good for making different things. Printing with shapes. Hope they dont sound too stale not back at work until tomorrow.

Good luck :D

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Could they investigate what shapes they can make with 3/4/5/6 straws or matches (used) etc? How many straws do you need to make a square/oblong etc. Investigate whether you can make a square and/or an oblong with 6/8/10 straws etc...

Any use?

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