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Record For Settling In Period

Guest cheryl3

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Guest cherylbetts

Does anybody complete a form for 'Settling in period' for new children starting at pre school (first half term)?


If you do what sort of things does it ask?





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We have a check list which the key person goes through, where to hang coats, drawers, clothes to bring etc. We also have a booklet to go through which starts off the learning journey. There are various examples on here it's just about what suits your setting. :o


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Is this what you mean?


We use the info to get to know the child and go through it at home visit or first session.


I went on a key person approach course recently and they said a good key person should know names of all people in child's family, name of pets, grandparents and where they live!


My memory is not that good but at least we have to info to refer to if we need to. Also, a good way to unobtrusively find out if dad is on the scene!


Hope it helps...all_about_me.docx

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