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I hope you don't mind me asking................i am stuck on a question for my FD, my last assignment in fact ( had an extension due to health probs), anyway, one of the tutors gave me an assignment about improving my book corner to see if it encouraged children to access it independently, and use it more carefully.I'm not enthused by this because our corner is quite lovely and the children, in general, look after the books well.Now,the tutor who gave me this one has disappeared into the ether, and i have to hand this in tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!! any ideas/hints/tips etc would be gratefully received!!


I am going to talk about how we have invited parents in to read; how we have set up a book borrow scheme and take children to the village library so they can bring books from there to the setting etc, but need some inspired refs and quotes too.I am going round in circles!

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Have you introduced books outdoors to encourage different children to access them? I'm sure Helen Bilton talked about that. I could look for a quote for you if it's relevant.


You could also talk about getting children to make their own books to help them understand how to look after them.


Do you encourage children to go and find links to activities in book and bring them out of the book corner to use in the activity?


Good luck. It's horrible when you can't make any progress and the deadline is shouting at you!

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ok, have had a small brainwave ( it can only be small, 'cos that's the size of my brain!) and i think I am going to title this as ' How /does working in partnership with parents enhance their childrens enjoyment of books?.............because:


we do lend out book bags ( book, things relevant to story etc)

we lend out books on their own

parents come in to read

we go to the library to borrow books for our setting etc


would this put me on the right track do you think??

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