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Hello everyone. This September we are starting home visits and I wondered if anyone had a form they use for this or could give me an idea on questions to ask etc?

Many thanks,


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here you go this is what we use (hopefully it will work, im having a major problems with word which wont open any of my files from last year!)


if you cant open the questions are pretty much these


previous experience of nursery, daycare child minder etc (we then ask parents to ask previous nursery etc for any info some send profiles or reports)

siblings in the school

home language ( if not english useful words child will recognise)

who will be picking up child

dietry/medical needs



will they know any already in nursery/joining same time



any other info - parents tend to talk about any toileting, behaviour problems, speech, worried about them settling etc.


With our home visit I normally talk to the parent while my nneb plays with the child (she takes box of toys, puzzles etc)


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We usually take paper and pens for the child to draw a picture - we then display the picture in the classroom alongside a caption/photograph. This has proven to be a great sucees, a real talking point for the children throughout their first term.


I have done Home Visits for two years now and find them invaluable! The children remember them and regularly talk about them throughout the year. We take Barnaby Bear with us and the children are so excited about seeing him again in school!

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No, Mrsb we dont all do home visits. I cant see us ever doing them, from a financial and practical view I dont think it would ever be possible. Every one I know who does do it though, says it is invaluable.

Can I ask,those that do do it: Do you always do it in pairs?

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We always go in pairs and get round staffing by closing for first two days of term for our older children, we are a school setting though and that may not be practical in other settings. I do agree with others that they are invaluable and the feedback from parents has been positive too.


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