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Completing The Sef - Any Advise?


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Hi all,


Sorry for posting my 3rd post in a week - just really keen to get things right in september as I am making lots of changes since being left in charge of foundation stage!!


I have been asked to complete a SEF for our early years practice andhow effective it is (just one reception class) but as I've only just completed my NQT year all this is new to me and I am just wondering what the best way to approach it is? Has anyone done one that i can have a look at? I was thinking of devising a form that has a column for things we do well and a coloumn for improvements we need to make.


Any advise will be appreciated!


K x

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I have a plan and have started filling in my boxes which are headed:


SEF Sections


Current setting working practices


Areas for future discussion/development






In the evaluation bit I have what we are planning to do to make changes, what we want to change but maybe can't and also things that others need to do that is outside my control.


Hope that helps, also look at the other threads as well I think many people have many differetn ideas about how to approach the beast that is the SEF :o

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Hi KST please dont worry about making lots of posts whilst you're new i your role. It wont be long before you'll be giving lots of valuabe advice to other newcomers.


Just to let you know in case you're not aware that the EYFS section of the school SEF if not the same as the SEF that other settings complete.

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I have had a look on the OFSTED site and there s some information about the new SEF



Thanks Mundia, that was about to me my next question as what i had been given wasn't the same! Very useful! Thanks for your help - i love this site!



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