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Reading And Routines


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Hi everyone.

I am going back to teaching after being off on maternity leave. I feel quite nervous and want to make some changes but don't quite know what to do. I just wanted to ask a couple of things really to see what others do as i feel rather out of touch at the mo. I have a mixed Year R/1 class.


1: When and how often do people hear individual readers? - i really struggle to fit everything in

2: What does your day look like?? If you have a mixed class, how do you manage to let the Year R children have free flow and still cover everthing the Year 1 children need to.


At the moment I feel my class is far to structured and rigid with hardly any choice for child initiated activities and would just love to hear what everyone else is doing really.


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Hi there, although I haven't had a mixed reception/Yr1 myself a friend of mine uses a passport system in hers. Yr1 children have to complete all the activities in the day but in whatever order they want and they have each activity stamped as they do so. She seems to find it works very well. Hope this is helpful!

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Again I'm just have reception. We really struggled to fit in individual reading last year and generally used to get parent helpers in to ensure that each child was heard at least once a week. And we (teachers/TAs) listened to the children read in a guided reading session once a week. However, I have timetabled an afternoon this year so that i will be free to hear them so hopefully either me or my TA will hear the children at least once every other week as well as guided reading and parent helpers.


My friend works at a school that run year 1 and 2 like reception, with the classroom set out in areas of learning with continuous provision. She does a certain number of adult led tasks a week, like I do in reception but the children have a number of independent tasks they have to complete a week, they can choose when to do them and tick them off when they are done. It works well for them. I'm passionate about KS1 being taught less structured so good luck!

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