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Forum Update - July 18th


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Hi -

Some of you prefer not to make your email available to the forum - this post replicates what everybody else receives from me via email.


Happy Holidays!

Just to wish a well deserved break to all the nursery practitioners and reception teachers amongst you! It’s been a privilege to join you in this community over the last five months, and read about your challenges, uncertainties and triumphs. This has been an exceptional year, with the introduction of new assessment and reporting procedures (particularly with the introduction of the FSP). It’s a great tribute to your commitment and professionalism that you have remained so focussed and positive. So enjoy the summer holiday, pop back in when you’ve refreshed yourselves, and let’s get ready for another year!


New Stuff

We’ve put a new article up, with associated forms/templates. It’s on observation and assessment, and describes a system for getting the information necessary to show that children have covered the Foundation Stage curriculum Areas of Learning. I hope you enjoy it, and please let us know your opinions in the relevant forum. You can find a link to the article in the Gateway to Members Documents forum.


We’ve also updated our original Observation article with a couple of new sample observations, which were donated to us. These also contain new templates for capturing information, which you can edit to your own requirements (in MS Excel format).


Two community points:

Some of you have been welcoming in new members who post introductions in the Introduce Yourself forum. This is a great way to put people at their ease, and I’d love it if those of you who are regular visitors could do more and more of this. It gets a little monotonous for new members to be greeted just by boring old me…


The second is money (Aaagh!). We have been working on ways to improve the site, and have discussed some of our ambitions in one of the forums. Ultimately, we hope to attract funding or sponsorship to help the community become self-sustaining. But currently we’re actually bearing all the costs ourselves. Some members have said that they would be prepared to pay a subscription fee to ensure the site’s continued survival. We don’t want to go this far yet. But those of you who come to the community regularly and feel that you benefit from it, either through using the resources or absorbing and/or contributing to the discussions, might like to donate to our newly set up fund. You can do so in a very simple and secure online process, by going to the front page (www.foundation-stage.info), and clicking the relevant button. We leave it up to you to decide on an amount – for those of you who would like a hint, how about £12 (effectively £1 a month for the first year)? Many thanks for your support!


For those of you who don’t intend to go to a computerless wilderness for the next six weeks, we look forward to your company online!


Best wishes,

Steve and Helen.




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