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We have a group of boys in our preschool group who are simply OBSESSED with anything remotely to do with 'Spiderman' .......this morning i have caught them with some free hanging string which had fallen from a hook on the ceiling and they were pretending to use their hands 'spiderman style' as if the string were to be squirting from their hands....if that makes sense!!! Now trying to think of an activity to lead from this......apart from coming in early tomorrow and creating a large web across the classroom we are stuck for ideas......just wondered if anybody else may have some ideas??



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Maybe just provide lots of varieties of strings and thread, various lengths and colours;



string (man-made & natural)


fishing line (transparent)


also provide materials/objects that can be attached to the string;

sticky stuff like blue tack, cellotape (wound round the end),

small objects to tie to end of string


Science: See what they do with this, what experiments they devise, encourage them to attach and (in a safe way) throw, guessing which 'property' enables the string to travel furthest. If possible find webs and let them see how strong they are,. (ie: woul a jet of water break the web?

Maths: Incorporate ways to measure the distances and record the results.


Creative: make little peg doll spidermen to attach to the strings, then have poles set at various heights (maybe between two chairs/tables/static furniture/doorway) to attach spiderman models to, let them play at swinging them in different directions. Can they problem solve to ensure they don't get tangled up? Which is best a long or shorter piece of string? Why?


Creative: Make a life size model of spiderman-see pic


CLL/ PSE Who are the other characters within Spiderman stories, good or bad?

Collate a few spidermen comics, cut out pictures and create their own storyboard. Discuss ideas on how they are going to 'save the world', teach the baddies to be good etc.

What would the world be like if all the superheroes came together?

Compare different superheroes, what skills do they have that are the same, are different?

If they were a super hero what 'skill' would they like to have, why and what would they do with it? (scribe their thoughts and add to a display maybe with a drawing of them 'in action'


Physical: How high can they 'leap', how far can they jump forwards, backwards, sideways? (measure with webstring) How still can they stand, for how long waiting, ready to pounce?


Hope this helps, just off the top of my head, first thoughts. xD





Listen carefully to the boys vocabulary as they play, are there ways to expand their knowledge of these words, could they help make a display of 'action words' POW, WOW, CABOOOM, etc (or is this sounding abit more like Batman :o )


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My children loved sitting in a circle and passing a big ball of black wool from one child to another to make a huge black web. Then we tried to unravel it without it breaking or getting twisted. Very good for sitting still and concentrating-not an obvious Spiderman inspired larning link!

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When we did our superhero topic i tied a cut out picture of spiderman with ribbon and hung it too the ceiling so it came down just above the children's reach.I told the children a story about how spiderman had been caught in his web and he needed our help to rescue him. The children then spent nearly an hour problem solving ideas of how to get him down because the obvious didn't work...i.e pulling him or cutting him down because they couldn't reach. after many models and toys to help them reach.They eventually got him down....they used cardboard boxes to make a step. Ang x

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