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Help Needed To Find Alost Video Please


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Hi all,


hope the summer holidays are going well so far. I'm back to work in a little over three weeks and have started planning already. Do i get a holiday at all I ask myself?? :o


Anyway, I want to do counting rhymes with my children when I go back and i found a lovely video for "5 little monkeys sitting in a tree" it was a cartoon version where the crocodile came in and snapped the monkey. However, since then i have had to wipe my laptop and can't remember where i found the video.


Does anybody know the video I mean or can you point me in the right direction of something similar?

Thanks in advance


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I have found one on www.supersimplesongs.com! Just go in to song finder and then counting and its there. They also have other counting songs. Sorry I haven't done it as a proper link, not sure how to do this yet!

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