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Does anyone have a mobile phone policy and camera/photos policy that I can have a look at. I am needing to implement some new ones and would love to get some ideas from templates if anyone has any I am at the moment doing a policy on social networking sites!! which i will post as soon as it is done. Thanks All

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Hi, this is ours which is up for review so .....


Photography Policy


Upon having a child accepted for the Preschool, the parent is asked if they agree to the child being photographed on occasion by a member of staff or individual validated by the Preschool. This enables the Preschool to proceed with the taking of photographs for publicity shots, evidence of children participating in the curriculum, pictures for Displays, children’s folders, evidence portfolios and at special occasions such as Christmas.


Every parent has the right to refuse this request, in which case the child must not be photographed by any member of staff, by a parent, or by any outsider without the express permission for that occasion of the parent with whom the Preschool has a contract.


While pictures of children may be used as part of the publicity of the Preschool, no pictures of children will be displayed on a Preschool web site, nor will they be made available to anyone other than the child’s Parents in a digital form, without their express permission.


Where pictures are made available to the press or television, they will not be released with the names of the child unless the parent gives their permission for this to be done.


Where pictures are taken of the whole Preschool (for example on the day of the visit of Father Christmas) the parents of children who have opted out of having the child photographed will be contacted to allow them to rescind their decision.


Photographs are stored on a password-protected computer and on CDs, which are stored in the filing cabinet.

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