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hi all,


i know planning for the spring term is the last thing we want to thing about, BUT

the topic set for next term (not set by me i must add) is health and hygeine. im in desperate need of some ideas please.


i thought of looking at fruit and veg, tasting smelling etc and using handas suprise book.


thoguh about washing clothes and dolls etc


but that was about it limited i know so could any one please feed me some ideas.



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How about healthy and non healthy foods... making healthy snacks... maybe taking the children shopping to choose food that they later use to make snacks.

Printing with fruits and vegetables.


Looking at your teeth... maybe get a local dentist to visit.


How about twisting topic slightly and thinking about what we need to do to look after our animals/pets... that would give a bit more scope.


Sorry its the end of term and my brain is broken. :)

Hope that you get some other ideas I will have a think and post later.



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Hi Clare, sorry this doesnt inspire me very much either!

MY first thoughts are not much different to Lorna's and I'd certainly be trying to be creative with this.


Healthy eating and taking care of our bodies spring to mind initially with teeth and dentists, opticians and doctors. You could have hospital role play. Will the ambulance service come out to visit? If you are going to think about taking care of you body perhaps you need to understand how the body works and you could bring in skeletons--Funny Bones!

Perhaps children with Asthma would be able to contribute something about medicines and their own breathing and then you could look at misuse of medicines and substances in a very simple way.


Topsy and Tim probably go to the doctor/ dentist/ optician.

I have seen simple non fiction books about the body too.


Then if you are keeping clean, perhaps you could look at water and its uses, possibly even the water cycle--think theres a book called the story of a raindrop which does this quite nicely.

Rosie and Jim visited a soap factory if you can get hold of that video.

You could even teach handwashing techniques as used in hospitals.


And of course you will be well on track to fulfil those Physical ELGs re body awareness etc.


Is that any help?

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how about an activity of handwashing after playing in the mud.

first wash hands using just water. Handprint on a white sheet of paper( important- as last year TA used brown paper-(do i have to specify everything!!!!)) xD

Hopefully there should be brown muddy handprints. then wash hands iwht soap- demonstrating handwashing between fingers etc. Now print again on a white sheet of paper and this time(hopefully( there will be no hand prints left. If you do it on a large sheet of paper with each set of hand prints inside a circle, then it can be a part of a display about what the chidlren found out for themsleves.

We couldn't because we couldn't see anyhting on the brown sheet :o:(

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xD Hi Clare,

Here are some of my ideas that I have used with Handa's Surprise.

1 A feely bag with the fruits from the story~ Lots of descriptive words to record.

2. Get the children to taste the fruits Discuss likes and dislikes

3. Make a simple block graph take photos of the fruit with digital camera and use these as part of the graph

4. We discussed the climate and the costume of where the story was set.

5. We asked the class if they had any artifacts from Africa

6. You could also looked at the animals in the story and learned some interesting facts about the animals.

7. You could get the children to do observational drawings of the fruit

8. Discuss the PSE part of the story

9. Talk about how these fruits grow where they grow discuss size and shape even weight.

The children thoroughly enjoyed this topic and we learned so much!

I hope this will help :o Having read your e-mail again this probably isn't any help ! Oh well you never know these ideas may be of use to you at a later date.

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I am doing a similar topic next term. You may know that this month's CHILD Ed (Scholastic) magazine is all about Healthy Eating, also there is a website called (I think check it out something like that)


I took my 4 year olds to our local Sainsbury Super Store and their Education did a wonderful job of showing us around the store, talking about healthy eating, fruits, playing a healthy eating game. The children each took home a goody bag with info for parents about packing a healthy lunch box and some healthy treats for the children. Maybe other local stores would oblige.


Local Dental Hygiene people will often come out (contact your dental health unit) Ours did a wonderful puppet show called 'Tina Tooth' all about the importance of cleaning teeth.


Good Luck and please contact me if I can be of help

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Talking about washing hands - our school nurse came in when we did Ourselves and did a handwashing session - she brought in an unltra violet box which was brill - she put some special spray/chalk (?) onto their hands which they couldn't see but when they put their hands under the ultra violet light they were purple - they then had to go and wash their hands and then put them back under the light - it was very effective at showing who hadn't washed them properly. Perhaps your school nurse could get hold of a similar machine?


We also had bathing the dolls in the water tray - lots of PSE about being gentle, caring for others etc. I have some very boisterous boys who were suprising gentle with the 'babies'!



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