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Does anyone have a contract or something similar for staff to sign prior to undertaking NVQ (or similar training), we have been told we should have a contract stating that the staff agree to certain conditions and will agree to pay for the cost of the course if they leave before its completed and dont stay after a certain amount of time once qualified


Can anyone help or point me in the right direction please


Also does anyone ask staff to contribute towards the cost of the course ?








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our LEA fund all but £100 of an NVQ course and as part of the bursary the candidate has to sign a form from the LEA saying they will pay back half of it i.e. £300 if they don't complete.


we normally expect the candidate themselves to pay the remaining £100 but sometimes we have paid it, e.g. for my current deputy to do her NVQ 3 very fast as we were stuck with no level 3 deputy.


we dont have any specific requirement within the setting regarding staying to complete or staying afterwards but most are volunteer placements so I wouldn't expect them to stay on unless we could offer paid work, in which case they tend to want to stay anyway.


hope that makes sense!



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Our staff are fully funded but have to pay a £200 deposit themsleves - as a setting we offered to pay this- but the LEA said this was not allowed. The aggrement is made with the staff member and LEA.


Staff have the option of making a lump payment or monthly payments - on completion they get full amount back, if they drop out they lose all.

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Our LEA fund 90% of the cost of a course, we the employer pay the other 10%. The LEA ask them to sign a contract that says the employer will pay the cost if they fall out of the course, therefore we use this form so that they pay the cost of the course if they fall out, plus the 10% we pay. In the case of the L4 thats £1350 from the LEA and £150 from us - EACH!!

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When I did my qualifying training with the playgroup as it was then, I paid for my course myself. There was no offer to pay for it or strings attached. The training provider was very good about payment and many of us paid either weekly or monthly as we studied. This was, however, a long time ago!


In my current setting, the youngsters are students who are on placement with us and are paid an agreed training allowance. When they reach Level 2, we might pay them in placement to continue to Level 3 but there is no requirement on the setting to employ them on qualification. In practice, they are usually worth hanging on to (well, they have learnt from the practitioners in an excellent setting - modest, aren't I??) so we try to employ them. It does, however give us the chance to 'let go' if they've given cause for concern.


Make sense?



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