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Steve, sorry I can't access the article. When I click "this link", all I get is a "mirror image", so to speak, of what I've just read. I am not very able with the computer at the moment, so I could be missing something. Any advice is highly appreciated.

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Hi Jovana -

It's not your fault it's mine! It's a very clumsy way of reserving articles donated by members for only other members - one of the principles of this site.


In fact although it looks like a mirror, if you click again on the 'this link' text, you'll be taken to the article. If you have any problems, just send me a PM or email.


And stop apologising for your inexperience! If you don't understand something it's because I haven't set it up well enough.


There's a quote you should remember: Technology is the name we give to things that don't work properly! :D



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