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Multi Cultural Toys And Displays, Where To Start?


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It was mentioned in our recent OFSTED :o


We cover this by having lots of posters/pictures displaying positive images of people all around the room. In our foyer we have welcome posters in different languages to show we are welcoming and inclusive.


Our toys reflect different races, cultures, religions etc. etc. and we celebrate festivals all year round.


Mrs O was impressed with all of this and said it was useful to have words in different languages around the room (for us at the time this was Hindi and Malayalam) which makes parents feel valued.


Hope this is of some help xD

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wss !


we have posters, books in the book corner, we read multi cultural books and sing rhymes to the children. we celebrate various festivals and try to get parents or helpers in from different cultural backgrounds to explain their festivals etc to the children -this is great as they often have lots of photos and really interesting 'nic nacs' for the children to explore !

we have multi cultural dressing up clothes, bowls / pots and play food in the home corner, dolls and toys, musical instruments.


https://www.festivalshop.co.uk/ -are having a sale atm, some really good ideas there

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Thanks for your help! i've ordered some multi cultural small world people and an asian and oriantal baby doll as got a boy who speaks cantonese starting in sept. also got one of the welcome posters using different langauges. Is it enough to have these things as part of my continuous provision or do i need a special display celebrating other cultures. (we are a church school) Thanks again!

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we also have all the things that ROLYMO has suggested --reading is brilliant and as said getting parents in is brill for all the children :o


i think these kinds of things should just be part of your every day provision such as dolls and pots/pans in home corners etc. it should be seen as the 'norm' rather than 'novelty' toys. We do displays sometimes of special events but as we are based in a church we are not allowed to put permanent displays up of different religions however we then make tables displays than can be put away.


we also always take pictures of all displays regardless of what they are and if Mrs O then questioned us we have a folder that we can show. xD

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