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  1. We are using o'track, I can't work out how many points is typical progress, it's confusing me beacuse the elg is split into 3. Is it 4 points as in 40-60 beginning, developing, secure and the elg. Please help. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi we have decided not to go with Eexba this year but do our own. I think I will still use leuven scales to look at well being and I plan on just using development matters to see where the children are. What's everyone else's thoughts? Do I need lots of evidence, tasks etc to prove where they are? Thanks x
  3. Hi Just wondered how people approach challenge within reception. The way I've always worked is believing that challenge comes from the next steps in children's learning. And as these are always being addressed and revised I thought this was enough challenge, I keep seeing pictures of classes with separate challenge areas or challenge cards, what do you think of these? Should I be going down this route or is planning next steps and working towards them enough? Any thoughts, advice or examples would really help thank you xx
  4. Really helpful! Thank you for sharing xx
  5. Thank you, I will just go for it and see xx
  6. Yep got it from eBay for £15 too! Broadlea can I ask you a couple of questions, did you limit who could use it? like a group a day or did you keep it a free for all. Think I will introduce it to small groups at a time but I'm worried if all are able to use it, it might end up a big mess. I really wNt it up be independent and i would love to see kids using it independently but just not sure. Thanks x
  7. Hi Really interested in hearing people's experience of this, is it as fab as it sounds or is a just chaos! I really want to try the self service playdough that Alistair talks about on his ABC blog. I have got a dispenser and I know how to do it in theory but I'm struggling with how you organise it so I'm not wasting loads of flour and salt as I buy it myself. Any Advice on how to manage it would be great thanks xx
  8. Thanks I've looked at abc, and got so many ideas! Especially for improving my continuous provision and making it purposeful and great outside area ideas. Thanks so much for the suggestion! I've just ordered 2 of his books too! Just trying to get my head round new eyfs, been a few years since I was in reception. Xx
  9. Thank you lucie! That's really helpful! My idea is that we would have say a numeracy input with groups, 2 focused activities 1 in 1 out, some intervention group time, circle time, phonics groups and 1-1 reading during the day, with the majority of kids having more uninterrupted play, when not doing group work. written down it seems quite a lot but spaced out though out the day I feel the kids would get more purposeful play(I'm addressing continuous provision at the min) and we would get chance to do some interventions or 1-1 etc I an definitely going to suggest it. Thanks again
  10. Thanks for the reply I will have a look! This is something I feel strongly about , I'm just worried they will say no as we share a portion of the infant playground but we do have a small separate bit that we could use while ks1 have break so free flow could carry on. Also my ta's cover break duty which they wouldn't be able to do, how did you get round this? Or was it not an issue? Thanks
  11. Yes sorry it's a reception class.
  12. Hi i am struggling to fit everything into the school day with a morning and afternoon play and daily worship, does any one have any advice or success stories about stopping breaks and carrying through till lunch, Any advice or help appreciated, i would also appreciate any advice on how best to suggest it to SLT, I think the stop/start nature of playtime is disruptive to play and playtime can have a negative impact on behavior but i want to put across a good case or i know they will refuse as SLT dont like change. Thanks in advance xx
  13. Thank you for your idea, i will give that a try! and hope it goes well for you as well! meles x
  14. Hi just found out that i am to be obserevd by LEA and my headteacher in a few weeks, the focus is shared writting, and our topic at the miniute is superheroes, they are looking at this in all classses but i feel really nervous about it. I would really appreciate any help or advice on how to make it practicle and fun and how to run the shared writing session. Thanks so much for any advice you can give.
  15. Thanks for all your help- some great ideas! i will definatly set it up now.